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Arya Thea  Teas and Blends

What is Tea anyway?
To be tea, the infusion has to come only from the cured leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. The infusions from all other plants is called herbal teas or tisanes.

Tea categories.
Depending of the processing of the plant, there are 6 classes  
of tea:

White, Yellow, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu-Erh.

Compared with coffee, the average caffeine content of a cup
of tea is
 half or less, rising with brewing time.

There are centuries of empirical evidence  of health benefits attributed to drinking tea, from feelings of well-being  to near magical cures.

Lemon Ginger Japan's Treasure Tropical Flowers
Walnut Green Tea Divine Temple Earl Grey Green
Organic Sencha China Jasmin 7 Green Treasures
Asia Cocktail White Cherry

Fitness House Chai Dark Chocolate Orange
Black Currant Chilli Truffle Serentity Spring
Orange Ginger Tulsi English Breakfast Lapsong Souchong
Ceylon Orange Pekoe Manhatan Earl Grey Orange Spice
Irish Breakfast Cream Earl Gray Snowflake
Chai Americaine Pu-Er Chai Black Tea Fit and Fun
Indian Summer Wipped Cookie Cream of Earl gray
Lychee Black

Honeybush Vanilla Blueberry Roibos Roibos After Seven
 Honeybush organic   Roibos organic Roibos Chai Tea

Pu_ehr Chai Chai Zanzibar Aromatic Chai

  • Herbal Teas
 Detox  Calming Tea Tulsi
Organic Pepermint  Buddha Bamboo Hibiscus flowers 

Formosa Oolong Tung-Ting High Mountain

Mate Tea Green Mate Tea Brasiliano

  • Estate Teas
Organic Assam T.G.F.O.P. Organic Keemun Congou Organic Kukicha Twig
Organic Gunpowder China FOP Organic Organic Chunmee
Organic Nilgiri F.O.P. Organic Young Hyson Lung Ching

Tea Gifts 
Arya Thea Tea Gifts are a delight for the tea expert and beginning tea drinker alike! 

Our sets feature a wide variety of Teas, Infuser Mugs, stainless stain strainers, and other useful and creative Tea Accessories, making it easy to enjoy and love an extraordinary tea experience.

ontact Arya Thea teas & blends

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